[MPlayer-users] Need your help in software engineering

August Gauss redexecutor at gmx.net
Thu Apr 24 22:21:14 CEST 2003


First of all: Sorry about my bad English and the fact, that it is not really about mplayer...

We are a group of mechatronics students on the University Of Applied Sciences in Augsburg Germany. Now we are in troubles, bacause we have to create a "developing instructions" of a fictive project in Software Engineering. 

Our fictive(!) project is called "To programm a module, that automatically recognizes the file type of a media file and the codec used for encoding". We have to underline the fact, that we are not going to create/programm that software, we just write down, what has to be done. 

Now our major problem is getting the needed informations. One of the desired information is, how to recognize the file type of the media file and (what is more important) how to recognize the codec, which was used to encode the (video-)stream. 

We serched for the answers all across the WWW, but not really successful... But we found out, that YOUR Mplayer software is able to do exactly that things. So you are our last hope to get the information.

Please give us a useable answer...


August Gauss and Pals
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