[MPlayer-users] Problems with DVDs

Pablo Wolter pawn at myrealbox.com
Thu Apr 24 16:04:00 CEST 2003

Hi all:

I have some troubles trying to view a DVD under MPlayer. The point is 
that the sound of the first song is the corresponding to the end of the 
DVD (the interviews, it's a concert) and the video is very slow, like if 
I'm playing under the normal video speed.

I try to read the man page an the post in the list, but I cannot figure 
out why this happens. Under Windows this looks very fine, god quality. 
But under Debian Sid, with kernel 2.4.18 any DVD or VCD or Divx looks 
fine. I have a Neomagic video card under my laptop, and it has 8 MB Ram.

Thanks in advance, I know that I forgot (or I don't know) something, if 
you can point me to the right place to learn and see what's happening, 
I'll be very glad. Sorry my bad english, is not my natural language.


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