[MPlayer-users] we can't access the menu while in mp3-mode - any solutions?

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Thu Apr 24 10:16:53 CEST 2003


would it be in any way possible to have a movie running, while mp3-files are
being heard?

background is, that i have a standalone mplayer that is remote-controlled
i build several avi-files that display information on wich buttons to press
and in wich mode the player currently is. (made different startup-modes for
hq/lq-movies as well as for different audio-tracks in wich the player than
loops until you select a file via the menu). great i must say!

now what i really miss, is the option to simply select another mp3-playlist
while still listening to one. here i have to go back to any of my
default-movies wich cuts of playing mp3 and select a new playlist.

also great would be having the id3-tags somehow displayed on my tv while
listening to a file.

that would finally be a "gui-version" of a non-gui player.

too bad i am in no way capable of programing anything, i would go right

my regards,

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