[MPlayer-users] xv playback causes crash

Pierre-Thomas Mouly pierre_thomas.mouly at club-internet.fr
Mon Apr 21 08:38:43 CEST 2003


> my problem is that everytime when i try to play movies with xv mplayer 
> causes a whole system hang up.

I have the same kind of problem.
But my system is different :

AMD athlon XP 1600
512Mb Ram
GeForce 3 Ti 200 DVI
Linux : Mandrake 9.1
XFree : 4.3
Mplayer : 0.90

Some of my bios settings : 
  - Plug&play : disable
  - ACPI : enable

The crash occured using xv, after 30mn while playing a divx.
Then the system hangs. (Even the Alt-Syst-* keys are not working)

The same movie, using xine with xv, works.

Hope this details will help,

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