[MPlayer-users] mencvcd (or mencoder) -- Sound Out of Sync

Carl Fink carl at fink.to
Tue Apr 22 05:45:53 CEST 2003


I'm using the excellent mencvcd script to turn AVI or MPEG files into VCD
images.  For many it works fine.  For others, the final VCD produced is
shorter than the original file (a 29 minute file becomes a 24 minute VCD),
with the sound utterly failing to match the picture after the first few

I've tried varying the -vfr flag.  This did nothing.

I then tried converting these files to another codec using mencoder,
figuring that this might let mencvcd work.  It doesn't, because whenever I
convert these files using mencoder, no matter what format I convert them
into, sound/video sync is lost.

I am not familiar with the technical details of video and audio files, so
I'm at a loss what to do next.  I did try to search the list archive, but
it's not easily searchable, and none of my searches turned up anything

I hate to do this, but I'd appreciate being copied on any responses to the
list.  I've tried subscribing, but Mailman promised to send me confirmation
e-mail, then does not.  (I run a Mailman server myself, and it works fine
for me, so I don't think it's my system.)

Thanks in advance for any help.
Carl Fink		carlf at dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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