[MPlayer-users] encoding vcds on NetBSD

Frederick Bruckman fredb at immanent.net
Mon Apr 21 04:55:16 CEST 2003

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003 frizop at charter.net wrote:

> you should be able to get a application called 'vcdrip' or was it
> 'vcdimager' both of which are very nice, and will do just that.. Dunno
> if it works on bsd though.

Yes, but on systems other than Linux, it can only make bin/cue files,
not write to the drive. The docs suggest using "cdrdao" to do the
actual writing.

> Dave wrote:
> >
> > Has anyone here had any luck in encoding a vcd from an .mpg file on a
> > NetBSD machine?

Yes, with "vcdimager", then "cdrdao" -- the package versions of both.
Oddly enough, I couldn't play it back with "mplayer" in either the USB
CD writer I'd borrowed to make the recording, or in the plain CDROM
drive (which otherwise plays commercially pressed VCD's fine), but it
played back fine in a stand-alone Panasonic DVD player. The weak link
is "cdrdao": it only seems to work with certain drives (there's a
database on the web page), and I understand that ATAPI drives are not
supported on NetBSD at all. YMMV.


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