[MPlayer-users] was experiencing system freezes w/ mplayer

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Mon Apr 21 21:25:22 CEST 2003

On Sunday 20 April 2003 21:00, Jason Bishop wrote:
> sometimes what appears to be a hardware problem actually is :)
true, true, i had a tnt2 cheapest model card in my old computer, without any 
cooling.. it was hotter than my current gfx card, hercules prophet 9000 pro. 
notable is that hercules's fan is broken :) so only cooling there is is the 
small amount of cooling provided by less than one centimeter of copper sink.. 
:) still it amazingly stayes below 40-50, even when playing for example 
unreal 2 or c&c generals or for example benchmarking... :)

btw.. make sure your next post to the list isn't reply to some other thread! 
that's not polite. if you can't remember users list addr, just copypaste it 
or something like that, but don't reply.. (because it doesn't look good on 
this threaded style!!) afaik i'm not the only one not liking ppl doing that.

> Jason
> PS: using a creative branded MX440, now with a aftermarket gpu fan.

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