[MPlayer-users] Mplayer over NFS weirdness

Johan Ovlinger johan at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Apr 20 18:12:12 CEST 2003


> You really ought to compile mplayer 0.90 (rc4 is old), and with a
> supported version of gcc (2.95 or 3.2). 

yesss I should (and will).  But first I'm trying to gather data.

>  Whether or not your compiler is the problem 2.96 is not
> supported at all.

That is clearly documented. This is one reason why I'm not classifying
this behavior as a bug.  I was rather expecting there to be a "smell"
to the sort of bugs caused by a broken compiler, so that this could be
elimiated or confirmed. I'm just suprised that noone else has tickled
this bug before, be it with a broken compiler or not.  

> Otherwise, I don't think anybody will help you.

I'm currently at the stage of looking for thoughts and similar
occurences -- both positive and negative proof.  I was hoping that
people will report these regardless of whether I have a broken

Thanks for your reply.


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