[MPlayer-users] A small wish (for the next release?) ...

Lars Gemeinhardt lars.gemeinhardt at searchbroker.de
Wed Apr 16 17:27:07 CEST 2003

Hello Mplayer-developer,

first - you have created a very good program for the LINUX-world ... 
Thank you!!!

but can you add a little feature to your "slave-commandline-interface" 
(this you start with the "-slave" option)?
I need a command like this:

"osd_text" or "osd_show_text" with a STRING as parameter that shows this 
(one line string) like the processbars (volume, ...) 1 second ... I need 
this to dynamicly uptade the OSD-text (then the subtexts are parsed at 
the begin )

I think this is very small and easy fix in the code, but very usefull 
(maybe for other people).

Thank you in advance...


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