[MPlayer-users] Question about .ifo and .vro files on a Hitachi dvd-ram camcorder

Rendell John Navarro pqixnecleus at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 16 05:32:02 CEST 2003


yeah man, i got one too! and i need to know how to separate teh vro files in 
able to edit them!
ok, i usually don't answer to these things, and your post is nearly half a 
year old, but heres what i did:

i connected the dvdcam to my computer (i had to buy a extra periphiral from 
comp usa, i think 4pin or somthing to usb)

then transfered the vro file onto my desktop

and renamed it mpg, mpeg or avi

hope i helped, i need help too,

p.s you can only get 1 scene for some reason, no other scenes


I have a Hitachi DZMV230A camcorder, which records on 70mm dvd-r and
double sided dvd-ram disks.  What I'm trying to accomplish is to make svcds
of the dvd-ram disks, which stores in a .vro file instead of a .vob.  The
reason for this, from what I've read, is that .vob files can only be
1G, where this .vro file contains all the tracks in a single file.  The
.ifo file keeps track of where the tracks start/stop in the .vro file.

For a short while I had checked my soul at the door an ran XP, and if I
just renamed the .vro file to a .vob, I was able to make an svcd, but
there wasn't any track info, just one solid movie.  I've only been able
to find one commercial program that reads the .vro files correctly, but
it looks to be playback only.

Now that I'm done rambling, my question is can mplayer (or I guess
libdvdread) decifer these .ifo/.vro files?  Google doesn't turn up much
for vro files, except other "hey, what can I do" posts.  I can't upload
anything at the moment, as I'm still figuring out how to make the thing
work over USB at the moment.  Once I got that working, I can record a
short time, with several starts and stops (that's how it does tracks,
each time the record is stopped/started) if anyone wants to take a look.



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