[MPlayer-users] User-Agent string for RealServer

Justin Moore justin at cs.duke.edu
Wed Apr 16 04:16:33 CEST 2003

   I've got a PNM stream I'm trying to play.  I can play it just fine
using standard realplayer on another linux box at work, but I can't get
it to work using mplayer on my linux box from home.  I suspect it has to
do with the User-Agent string mplayer has in libmpdemux/pnm.c (something
about WinNT 4.0); I get this message from the server:

    "You need to obtain a new player to play this clip. Please point
     your web browser to http://www.real.com and download the latest
     RealOne Player from RealNetworks. Once you have installed it you
     should try this clip again."

   I found a similar message reported about Streambox at


with the solution being to change the user-agent string.  I've attached
a very verbose mplayer log and a tcpdump of the session.  Unfortunately
I can't tcpdump on the box at work (no root access).

   The path is


   The prize to whoever figures out the user-agent string is to watch a
symposium on American intellectual property law.  At the
hour-twenty-nine mark is one of the drafters of the DMCA talk about how
it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, it slices, it dices, and it
cures world cancer.  It is not recommended for anyone that is in
possession of anything resembling common sense. :)


Justin Moore <justin at cs.duke.edu>
Duke University Department of Computer Science
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