[MPlayer-users] stairstepping in my picture but only with dvds?!?

justin case justin_case at gmx.net
Tue Apr 15 21:55:34 CEST 2003


i get heavy sairstepping in diagonals using -vo vesa:vidix (ati
rage3d/mach64 driver) when playing dvds.
i am forced to use vesa and a resolution of 640x480 due to my tv-input
playing xvid works fine. my xvid rips mostly come with a 640 resolution
anyway, so i guess the effect is caused by the rescaling-process wich vesa
is capable of doing in hardware afaik.
i know this card under windows with dvds and the effect is not there at all,
so it can do better. but how?
i tried software-rescaling already and i ended up with right the same stairs

any ideas?


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