[MPlayer-users] 2 tv problems

Jindrich Makovicka makovick at kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz
Mon Apr 14 08:34:25 CEST 2003

Karl Stiefvater wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
>         OO      i'm having two problems with tv mode in mplayer.
>        OOO
>                 1
> O
>     O    O      the "immediatemode" switch does not appear to
>     OO          work. i get a usage error when i try to use it.
>     O           looking at the code - it seems to be implemented
>     O           for only HAVE_TV_BSDBT848.

"immediate" mode is the default anyway.

> O
> O               how can i get mplayer (which does not handle my
> O    O          audio correctly) to treat audio in the same
> O  O O          way as mencoder (which DOES handle my audio
> O  O    O       correctly)

capturing audio isn't yet supported in mplayer.

>       OOO       2
>       OOO
>       OOO       when watching tv, i get glitchy video. no amount
>       OOOO      of struggling with the switches seems to fix it.
>       OOOO      about once every two seconds, the video jumps or
>       OOO       jerks.

there were a few such reports but unfortunately i am unable to reproduce 
these glitches.

>  OOO   OOO      among other things, i've tried "-autosync 1000",
>  OOO   OOO      "-mc 0", "-nosound", "-noframedrop". none of
>  OOO OOOOO      these switches stops the glitching.
>  OOO   OOO
>  OOOO   OO      xawtv has no troubles whatsoever.
> OOOO    OO
> OOO    OOO      strangely enough, the "-benchmark" switch DOES
> OO     OOO      fix the problem. however "-benchmark" is not
> OO OO  OOO      supported by mencoder - so my recorded video
> OO OOO  OO      still jumps and jerks.
> OOOOO OOO       my info:
> OOOOO  OOO      MPlayer 0.90rc5-3.2.2 (and previous versions, too)
> O OOOO          redhat 9.0 (and previous versions, too)
> OOOOOO  OO      2.0G pentium 4
> OOOOOO  OO      wintv card via v4l and bttv
> OOOOOO  OO      i810_audio for audio

ps: please reconfigure your mail program. it accidentally leaves some 
crappy noise on the left.

Jindrich Makovicka

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