[MPlayer-users] Problems with the GUI

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri gsbarbieri at yahoo.com.br
Mon Apr 14 06:46:57 CEST 2003


Trying the last CVS (2003-04-13) (maybe it occurs to the older too,
since I always use the cmdline and only now I'm trying the gui), I got
these problems:

1) gMplayer ignores the ' load_fullscreen = "yes" ' option. It starts
in windowed mode and I have to press 'f' or the GUI button to turn it

2) when passing the cursor over the bottom of the screen a mini-gui
appears. But when it leaves, the screen flickers/i got an undesired
effect. (I tried with and without -double)

3) if you have the gui shown and go over the page bottom, you also get
the mini-gui. I don't think we should have 2 gui's at the same time.
(don't display the mini-gui if the other one is displayed)

4) If I press the "Open File" button, the window that opens goes to the
bottom layer (under all the other windows). However if I go fullscreen 
(and later back or not to the normal mode) I get the screen at the top,
as expected. (This one might be a problem with WindowMaker, I dunno)

5) The Blue skin doesn't support some chars, like á (a-acute)... ie: in
portuguese, "media == mídia", and I get "m dia"

Now somethings that are not bugs, but I would like to see in the GUI:
1) GTK2 support or change it to QT3
2) Be able to skin all the windows, making some kind of theme of them
too. However we should remain the functionality/usability (i mean, get
something beautiful as xine-ui, but usable, since the xine-ui is almost
3) Design another way for the skins... making masks are not cool... we
should support PNG with it's alpha tranparency. Maybe we could make
each button separate and use some kind of file (xml?) to specify the

The GUI is not that bad, but could be a little better.
But the cmdline is excellent!


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