[MPlayer-users] Incorrect behaviour with xscreensaver

Jiri Hofman jirihofman at centrum.cz
Sat Apr 12 19:33:48 CEST 2003

I would like to report an incorrect behaviour with screensaver. I
wrote about it several days ago but now, I've tested in the final MP
0.90 too. There is no change.

Xscreensaver is killed after a start of MP if I use -stop_xscreensaver
option. It is a very bad behaviour according to

During quitting, the xscreensaver should be restarted. But it is not
done in case that I launch gmplayer (MP with GUI) without movie as an
argument on a command line.

Please, fix at least this bug, or reimplement entire xscreensaver
stopping. It would be much better because when MP crashes,
xscreensaver is killed and not restored.


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