[MPlayer-users] MPEG2

Stefan Bogner linux at bochi.org
Thu Apr 10 21:08:03 CEST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 10. April 2003 20:50 schrieb Sycotic Smith:

> Yes, this reencodes to mpeg1.  Are they already mpeg2?  Are they all the
> same bitrates? Seems to me the problem lies there, if they are different
> specs, that would cause a seek problem, among others, when combining.
>  Maybe you need to make them all the same specs, combine them, then redo
> the index with: mencoder combined.mpg -of mpeg -ovc copy -oac copy
> -forceidx -o newoutput.mpg But, IIRC, the index is only needed on AVI, so
> this might not work either.  Maybe leave that out of the above, and it
> should resolve... Good luck again.  Only other option would be maybe
> combine, then reencode in tmpgenc.

They are already mpeg2 and they are same bitrate. They already were one big 
file after encoding, but they had to be cut due to size of cd-rs. So 
absoltutely same specs :)

I already tried "-forceidx", seems to work only with .avi´s (I also tried with 
-of mpeg, I can search then but I dont have sound).

> /S. Smith
> $Author makes no guarantees or warranties to the legitimacy of his remarks.
>  Please be sure to keep a grain of salt handy when reading.

Hehe. :))

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