[MPlayer-users] MPEG2

Stefan Bogner linux at bochi.org
Thu Apr 10 18:44:45 CEST 2003


well, maybe I´ll get a RTFM or something for this question, but: I read it and 
I checked the archives and did NOT find an answer for my problem. 

I´m trying to make 1 huge mpeg2 file from 2 mpeg2 files (svcds). I tried it 

	cat *mpg | mencoder - -ovc copy -oac copy -forceidx -o output.mpg

The result is 1 big file (as I want it), but my problem is that the 
mpeg-header seems to be broken (I cannot rwd/ffwd or even author this file to 
a dvd). Is "-forceidx" only for .avi files? The last output is something like 
"Fixating AVI header"...

Any hints? :)

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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