[MPlayer-users] Playing into a video camcorder?

Bradley Rosser b_rosser at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 05:25:14 CEST 2003

Hi.  I've been enormously satisfied with MPlayer; while living in the
USA I was quite happily using it to play videos via my ATI video
card's tv-out facility into my VCR and TV.

I'm now living in Australia where I'm surrounded by PAL equipment
which can't received the NTSC-only output of my ATI video card.
However I do have a PAL video camcorder, which I've used hooked up
via a firewire (1394) connection to my PC to download video.

Is it possible for MPlayer to play a movie into the firewire link
to my camcorder?  Such that I could have it act as a middle-man and
have it relay a PAL signal onwards to a TV, or, at the worst, record
and then play back a movie played by MPlayer?

If this isn't possible I'd appreciate any help or pointers to
utilities that might be able to convert video files - AVI, MPEG,
etc - into raw digital video that I could then download to the

Many thanks for any help,

Brad Rosser

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