[MPlayer-users] .wav files, speed and seeking in avi files

Christopher Caldwell caldwell_christopher at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 10 02:16:42 CEST 2003


3 questions, perhaps related:

1:  Is it possible to play Microsoft .wav files
   from a pipe?  That is,
        mplayer - < somefile.wav
   works but
        (cat somefile.wav; sleep 100) | mplayer -
   fails, claiming that it doesn't recognize the
   file format.  The latter does work with other
   file formats (such as Vorbis, AVI files, etc)

2:  I seem to be able to set the speed of audio
   playback with -speed, but it has no noticable
   effect on the video.  Is this expected?  It
   would be really nice if I could set the speed
   interactively (and go backwards!)

3:  When playing .avi files that are being recorded,
   I cannot skip around because the indices haven't
   been built yet.  That is:
        streamer -o afile.avi -F stereo &
        mplayer -idx afile.avi -quiet
   allows me to see the file coming in, but I can't
   "rewind" it or skip around when viewing it.
   Am I confused?  Is this unfixable without
   postprocessing the file prior to running mplayer
   on it?

   It should at least be possible to skip around
   in places that have been previously seen, as
   the indices could be in memory, no?

Thanks in advance!  --Chris

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