[MPlayer-users] .sub file problem

Kalin KOZHUHAROV kalin at ThinRope.net
Wed Apr 9 03:08:57 CEST 2003

gabor wrote:
>>>>theres a movie with Sub's in the same directory, and it automatically
>>>>attaches the .subs to .avi's.
>>>>isnt sub'd, and mplayer is calling .subs from a totally different file.
>>>i guess i'll have to add some option to reduce the fuzziness when 
>>>searching for subtitles (currently mplayer tries loading all subtitle 
>>>files in the urrent directory, sorted so the best match comes first).
>>This was a really dumb feature... Is there any way to disable 'fuzzy'
>>matching for people who don't use brain damaged filenames?

There is a -noautosub option in the man page, never used it...

> well, i like some kind of fuzzy matching..
> where i am there are many people using windows, so the subtitles are
> made this way:
> xyz.avi, xyz.Czech.sub, xyz.Hun.sub, xyz.Slovak.sub etc.
> because windows mediaplayer load them and you can select the subtitle
> from a menu.

Ok, may be that is more human-readable, but there are standard ways to name language dependant content (say for the Web) with the two letter code before the extension. So it is way better to have:

xyz.avi xyz.cz.sub xyz.hu.sub xyz.ja.sub xyz.en.sub ...
(for MPlayer you can always have them all in a single xyz.sub :-)

If that somehow gets in the FAQ/manual/man page people may start using it. Maybe its time for i18n FAQ (see another thread in a few hours).

> so it would be nice to support somehow this format,
> but maybe it should be optional.
> that means let's have a switch that enables fuzzy-matching and not a
> switch that disables it.

Manual override is a Good Thing (tm) for anything. I had no idea there is fuzzy matching, will have to look at the source.
There is a -noautosub option in the man page, never used it...

What about a default filename(s) for subs? I seem to use movie.idx, movie.sub for anything in the current directory. I know that has problems like not having two movies in one directory, up/downloading etc.

What about including more info in the .idx file? Like movie name (-info name=whatever) or file name. Then it will be easier to do a fuzzy match. Non fuzzy will not work, I guess, as file rename is often done after encoding (for some strange reason, I do it a lot).

Any thoughts?


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