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ManagerZone - Unveils Premier Live Games  www.managerzone.com

April 5, 2003, Karlskrona, Sweden - ManagerZone.com, a company that 
provides interactive sports manager games to online soccer/football 
aficionados, recently unveiled RealPlay, a set of leading graphical game 
services offered to their online community of over 100,000 soccer/football 

ManagerZone RealPlay now enables members to literally watch their team play 
live league matches in real-time and analyze previous matches through a 
television-like interface. The illustration graphically moves players up 
and down the field, so members will see how the opposing team responds to 
their tactics. "ManagerZone's RealPlay technology is revolutionary to the 
online game market. A first step was taken today to make manager games on 
the web as advanced as PC and console based games. The product has been in 
development for over one year and we are very excited to finally make it 
available to our members. Now our members can visually see their tactics in 
action against other teams," said Rick Banning, Director of Business 
Development. The game is primarily viewed via a Web browser and operates on 
supported PDA's and mobile phones. 

"The Analyzer" tool, an element of Real Play's package service, is a 
simulator that provides members with a real-time tool to analyze player 
skills such as short passes, cross balls, running, and shooting. By 
enabling them to view matches in slow motion, pause, and fast-forward, 
members can visually observe how their players performed during each match 
play and adjust their tactics and training schedules accordingly for 

"ManagerZone provides a fun way for players, coaches, and soccer fanatics 
to gain a better understanding of the game, interact amongst other 
community players, improve game skills, and promote healthy competition 
through team challenges, leagues, and tournament cups," said Banning.

Also released this month, ManagerZone's value packages offer all-inclusive 
game services to their members. Package one, ManagerZone RealPlay is priced 
at $3 per month (30 SEK, £2, E 3). This package which includes "Live Games" 
and "The Analyzer" tool. Package two, the Gold Package, includes RealPlay 
and offers members premium services at a fixed price of $4.95 per month (45 
SEK, £3 , E 4.95). The most comprehensive package, the Elite Package, 
provides ManagerZone fanatics the best play-to-win tools and game services 
for $8.95 per month (85 SEK, £6, E8.95).

As ManagerZone continues to expand its member base across 17 countries and 
surpass 100,000 members, the company records a monthly average of 12,000 
new members,1.2 million unique site visits, and 150 million page views. 
"Since the introduction of English version and expansion to many other 
countries, ManagerZone is poised to grow its member base to over 250,000 
subscribers internationally by the end of 2003," said Banning.

ManagerZone also has expansion plans this month including additional 
languages and country availability. Languages including Spanish, German, 
Danish, and Polish will be added to the existing Swedish and English 
versions. Country expansions include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brazil, 
Chile, and Mexico amongst several others, which will be available by the 
end of April.

For additional information about ManagerZone, please contact Banning at 
rickb at managerzone.com or (302) 996-0755 in the USA, email 
info at managerzone.com, or visit www.managerzone.com. To join ManagerZone, 
please visit www.managerzone.com and follow the instructions for the free 
online registration.

Focused on providing interactive entertainment and applications, 
ManagerZone offers sport management games that can be played via a web 
browser on the Internet or a cellular network on a mobile phone or personal 
wireless device. The company offers multiplayer games that allow thousands 
of users to engage in interactive sporting games. Headquartered in Sweden, 
ManagerZone also has a supporting bureau in the USA. The office locations 
are: ManagerZone AB, Ronnebygatan 36, 371 33 Karlskrona and 2601 Annand 
Drive, Suite 20, Wilmington, Delaware 19808. For additional information 
about ManagerZone, please call (302) 996-0755 in the USA or +46-455-16380 
in Sweden, email sales at managerzone.com, or visit www.managerzone.com.
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