[MPlayer-users] alsa dmix and mplayer [2093839347]

shrotty at gmx.ch shrotty at gmx.ch
Sun Apr 6 19:30:04 CEST 2003

Hi all

I'm trying to mix the output of mplayer(s) here, but after
jackd has crashed my server twice, I switched to alsa's dmix. Here's where
I'm stuck:

I can play multiple streams with aplay as described in alsa-doc (aplay
-Dplug:dmix sound.wav). However, how can mplayer use this alsa feature?

Here's a little more about my not too new machine:
i386 (P1), azt2320 soundcard, linux kernel 2.4.20-1, alsa 0.9.2, alsaplayer
0.99.74, mplayer 0.90rc5

If it can't be done this way, what other options do I  have?

Any help is very much apprechiated!


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