[MPlayer-users] [PATCH] Support Intel Family 7 and 8 Processors

Matthew Emmerton matt at gsicomp.on.ca
Sun Apr 6 09:13:22 CEST 2003

When running mplayer on an Intel family 7/8 CPU, mplayer will treat these
CPUs as family 3 (386) even though they are identified as family 7/8.

[ My CPU is identified as this: CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Xeon Foster (Family: 8,
Stepping: 3) ]

This is because Intel CPU Families 7 and 8 do not have constants in
cpudetect.h and are not handled by loader/win32.c, so mplayer considers
these processers to be CPUTYPE_I386.

This is a problem when using QT audio codecs since the win32 QT DDLs will
unload themselves if the CPU required for the codec is not present.  (In
particular, decoding QDMC/QDM2 audio requires at least a Pentium processor.)

This may also be the cause of problems that other people have reported on
the mplayer-users list.

Patches (tested against current CVS sources) are attached.

Matt Emmerton

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