[MPlayer-users] new animatrix , old problems :)

gabor gabor at z10n.net
Sat Apr 5 15:11:47 CEST 2003

On Saturday 05 April 2003 14:52, Catalin Muresan wrote:
>  > i managed to watch/encode it this way:
>  > i extracted the audio with -dumpaudio,
>  > decoded it to wav with faad
>  > and watched it with -audiofile
> 	eww, i like simple things :)

btw... if you play it directly, the sound is off by 10seconds...
so you have to use something like -delay 10.6...

if you extract the audio, then you can do the following:
mplayer -dumpaudio -aid 1 animatrix3.mov
mv stream.dump animatrix3begin.wav

mplayer -dumpaudio -aid 2 animatrix3.mov
mv stream.dump animatrix3main.wav

cat animatrix3begin.wav animatrix3main.wav > animatrix3.wav

mplayer -audiofile animatrix3.wav animatrix3.mov


so you get perfect audio...

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