[MPlayer-users] Encoding several languages (from a DVD)

Kalin KOZHUHAROV kalin at ThinRope.net
Fri Apr 4 19:14:14 CEST 2003

Hi all!

I was trying to encode DVDs lately, but I want to keep several languages.
I guess there is a way to put two audio streams in a single avi (or ogg?), but I am not so interested in that.

I would like to have one (say English) audio + video AVI file and several audio only files. So, when I need another (say french) language, I just do something like:

cat movie.en.avi | mencoder -ovc copy -oac copy -audiofile audio.fr.avi -o movie.fr.avi -

a quite fast operation, I guess.

I tried this way, using "normal" 3-pass encoding (creating 2 frameno.avi files -o framemo.LL.avi) in turn and using one of them for the 2nd and 3rd pass. Movie gets perfect (well, size is not that accurate). However when I try to copy the other audio, audio is out of sync by several seconds and video is trashed if I fast-forward.

I am using MPlayer 0.90rc4-RPM-3.1 for the record.

Any other ways to do it? I know doing pass 2 & 3 again fixes is, but don't have 10GHz CPU idling :-)


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