AW: [MPlayer-users] k62/500 / 256mb ram not enough for dvd-playback?

justin case justin_case at
Thu Apr 3 00:03:27 CEST 2003

>> surely not. i just put 256mb in there, since i happen to have several
>> of old 100mhz ram lying around, and i thought it couldn't harm..
>I'm short on RAMs, so you could send me some as well.

it won't make your computer any faster ;)

>I also have this CPU, but I have Matrox G400 (I think your Rage is also
>If I shutdown X and use -vo mga, I can play DVDs without (or very little)

looks bad, i overclocked it to 500mhz (little, ok..) and tried around with
many option for hours and ended up, buying a new mobo to cure all that fo
ever, hehe..

>> BTW: try to play the DVDs with -nosound. If they play correctly, you
>No! Use -ao null for bad audio drivers testing!

i will, anyway. thx.

gabucino, your emails arrrive empty here, with the actual text as
attachments. only aours. do you have any idea, why? it makes it extremely
annoying answeing them..


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