AW: [MPlayer-users] k62/500 / 256mb ram not enough for dvd-playback?

justin case justin_case at
Wed Apr 2 22:10:27 CEST 2003

> > > i am having trouble getting mplayer with -vo vesa:vidix (ati
> rage 128) to
> >
> > Use the xv driver. If it doesn't work, you'll propably have to
> upgrade your X.
> > If you're not using X, look if there's an accelerated
> framebuffer driver
> > available for your card.
> >
> > > play dvds flawlessly. i am using a k6/2-500 with 256mb ram,
> dma is active.
> >
> > If your board is affected by the 128mb barrier, there's some
> kernel patch
> > around somewhere which uses only the first (cached) 128mb and
> the remaining
> > RAM (which is still faster as any hard-disk) as swap :-)
> Do you happen to know where to find this???? I've been trying to
> figure out how to write something like that for a while now, but
> without much luck...
> Rich

my system show the usage of 0mb swap when i play a movie (now with 128mb ram
in my system), so i guess it wouldn't be of any use..

i have an old 800mhz duron lying around and i just bought a cheap mainboard
for that at ebay. that should help..


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