[MPlayer-users] Video Interlaced Bitstream .m2v problem

Gianluca Filippini gianluca at autosburla.com
Wed Apr 2 19:40:58 CEST 2003

I'm Gianluca from Italy, an I've 2 question. :))

I've a only-video bitstream .m2v and the last version (rc5) of Mplayer.
Unfortunately it'is coded with the option "Bottom Field First" and it's a
field-bitstream from a official tv stream.
Mplayer play it but the order of field it's wrong.

It display the Top and then the Bottom Field of a picture, and the effect
it's like a flicker.....
How can I change into the right order??
There is the Top-Field-Flag detection in the mplayer source??

I've a dvd where there aren't progressive frame nor progressive sequence
.... so there are only field like in a tv stream... (Top Field First)
Mplayer play the dvd perfectly!!!!

I've extracted the .m2v stream from that dvd.
Mplayer don't play the only video stream correctly and seem to lose some
slice .... How it's possible???
The .m2v play perfectly with other decoder (like Xine)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Gianluca Filippini

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