[MPlayer-users] k62/500 / 256mb ram not enough for dvd-playback?

Steffen Hein steffen-hein at gmx.de
Wed Apr 2 14:26:47 CEST 2003

> i am having trouble getting mplayer with -vo vesa:vidix (ati rage 128) to

Use the xv driver. If it doesn't work, you'll propably have to upgrade your X.
If you're not using X, look if there's an accelerated framebuffer driver 
available for your card.

> play dvds flawlessly. i am using a k6/2-500 with 256mb ram, dma is active.

If your board is affected by the 128mb barrier, there's some kernel patch 
around somewhere which uses only the first (cached) 128mb and the remaining 
RAM (which is still faster as any hard-disk) as swap :-)

BTW: try to play the DVDs with -nosound. If they play correctly, you might 
consider using a better audio driver (try oss, alsa9, sdl).


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