[MPlayer-users] Re: Blotchy Colors (revisited)

spowers at inland.k12.mi.us spowers at inland.k12.mi.us
Wed Apr 2 01:57:57 CEST 2003

>Scan converters generally suck

DOH!  (but I'm starting to agree...)

>You might have better results if you
>set the video mode to exact NTSC (or PAL
>if you're using a PAL TV)spec, but it would
>be much better if you could do this and then bypass
>the scan converter altogether, just using a simple
>piece of hardware to convert the colorspace and
>generate the right luma and chroma signals.

I hate to even ask -- but how does one go about this?  Are you talking a
simpler scan converter circuit for VGA -> SVIDEO ?

Also, what exactly do you mean by setting the video mode to exact NTSC? 
Are you talking about the linux framebuffer or X11 being set somehow, or
rather an option in mplayer itself?

Someday, I'll convince my wife that we need to get a CRT projector for the
living room, but until then, I'm stuck with a TV. :)

I really am willing to read documentation, and or buy hardware  -- I'm
just frustrated because I've grepped and googled a bunch, and still have
an odd looking picture on my TV.  (BTW, this is my second scan converter,
and both have the same problem, except that with the last one, it was also
too dark...)

Thanks again,

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