[MPlayer-users] mplayer zoran zr36067 s-video out

Massimo Crisantemo m_crisan at tin.it
Tue Apr 1 20:21:47 CEST 2003

Il mar, 2003-04-01 alle 10:53, Stefan Recksiegel ha scritto:

> the SCART connector can be used for RGB input (3 pins + 3 ground pins)
> or for CVBS input (1 single pin in, 1 single pin out + 1 ground). It
> can also be used for S-video on some TVs, in this case CVBS is luminance
> and the chrominance signal is input via the red RGB-pin. When using
> the S-video input, you have to make sure that you switch the TV to
> S-video mode, it will also show a picture in CVBS mode, but only BW
> because the luminance signal is BW part of the full signal. I had a
> similar problem ...

ROFTL ok, i'm a newbie but not so much...
as i wrote before (yesterday?) i fix the problem..
It was the openmosix-kernel-smp-rh80-opnemosix2.rpm... i downloaded the
kernel from kernel org, patched with the patch.gz file grabbed from
openmosix.org and compiled... it work (yes i have a smp machine....:) )

thanks anyway to everybody for the disturb...

Massimo Crisantemo <m_crisan at tin.it>

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