[MPlayer-users] Gui broken for DVD playback

Bernard Cafarelli (Voyageur) bcafarel at messel.emse.fr
Tue Apr 1 13:34:51 CEST 2003

I know I know... "Gui is useless, futile, nonsense, there's nothing like
the command line" ;)

But it has been broken for a few days now in CVS: when compiling
Gui/interface.c, I get:
interface.c: In function `guiGetEvent':
interface.c:579: `vcd_track' undeclared (first use in this function)
interface.c:579: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
interface.c:579: for each function it appears in.)

Adding 'extern int vcd_track;' or 'int vcd_track=0;' (lines I found in
Gui/mplayer/mw.c or libmpdemux/open.c) solves the compilation problem,
but gmplayer won't play a DVD track (it just load, disable DPMS, blink
for a split second, and go back to its past state - ie no dvd tracks
available, ... on a dvd that worked before). 

According to libmpdemux/open.c line 36 it looks like there's work in
progress for these variables, but nothing has changed in the past few

And I can't get back to my older working version, playback got jerky
after about 40 minutes (and nothing strange in mplayer's output) (and I
can't use release versions, since they had a memory leak on my system
tha prevented watching more than 1 hour of a movie).

Now, for my setup:
compilation options: --enable-mmx --enable-mmx2 --enable-3dnow
--enable-3dnowex --enable-i18n --language=fr --enable-gui
--disable-runtime-cpudetection --with-xanimlibdir=/usr/local/xanim/mods
--with-xvidcore=/usr/local/lib --with-reallibdir=/usr/lib/win32
--enable-vidix --enable-live --enable-freetype --disable-dvdnav
--enable-new-conf --enable-menu --enable-qtx-codecs --enable-xmms

gcc 3.2 (from mandrake 9.0 rpms)
GNU ld version 20020423
XFree 4.2 from DRI CVS (mach64 driver) with gatos patch for XV

PS: can you CC me, I'm not on the list anymore (too many mails for my
server mailbox)

Keep up the good work!
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