[MPlayer-users] divx file sizes

Joonas Koivunen rzei at mbnet.fi
Tue Apr 1 21:21:22 CEST 2003

On Monday 31 March 2003 22:03, Steven Adeff wrote:
> also, does anyone have any hints as to other options to increase the
> quality? I'm not too concerned with the encoding speed as I have an athlon
> 1800+ doing it and its my "second" computer so i just use it for processing
> power =)

afaik that encoding-tip.txt or something like that holds everyhign you need.. 
more that you might is in manpage, try out some options etc..
you seem to be missing v4mv, which is said to give slightly more quality at 
somewhat high cost of speed, which i haven't though noticed (i've got 1800+ 
too). you are also missing other nice options.. rtfd (docs) :)
there are those tests made by someone who's name i can't remember in either 
ffmpeg's homepage (http://ffmpeg.sf.net afaik) or somewhere else concerning 
how to get the best possible quality out of lavc mpeg-4..


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