[MPlayer-users] Is it a BUG?

Kassai István kako_j at freemail.hu
Sun Sep 8 19:38:40 CEST 2002


I write to this list at the first, but don't hate me because of it:-)
If anyone can help, please reply to my private mail address, 'cause I'm not 
subscribed to this list.
I've just compiled a 0.9pre7 with gui option  (./configure --enable-gui) 
But, if I want to start mplayer (mplayer -gui) it replies this error message:
this option can only be used in config file:
Error: 'gui' is not a mplayer/mencoder option
command line: -gui
If I copy back an earlier version of mplayer, that works good, but the pre7 
isn't :-O. The --help doesn't HELP, the list archieve (the htDig) also gives 
error message.

How can I solve this problem?
thank you

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