[MPlayer-users] Video scaling for GeForce cards

Dooferlad dooferlad at thelongslide.com
Fri Sep 6 17:12:02 CEST 2002


First off, whoever fixed SP-DIF out / ALSA 0.9 good job! I now have a DVD
playback solution under Linux that is getting close to replacing PowerDVD
in Windows!

I am having a problem with DVD playback speed though, I have an Athlon 750
/ GeForce 256 / 256Mb of RAM, and the AC3 decoding is being done
externally, so I would have thought that MPlayer would be able to keep up.
At the moment it can't, but it is having to use software scaling because
it can't open the YUV scaler that sits in my GeForce. I am running
nVidia's X Drivers so I expected everything to perform fine.

Are there any colour depth restrictions that anyone knows of when using the
YUV scaler? I am running in 32 bit colour at the moment - should I try 16?

The big DVD players under Windows say that software scaling is best - and
that is what I use, so this may be a blessing in disguise since if there
is no quick fix I will end up looking at the software scaler before long,
and trying to speed things up!

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