[MPlayer-users] docs suggestion

gabor gabor at realtime.sk
Thu Sep 5 22:13:02 CEST 2002


in DOCS/encoding.html:
# VBR MP3 audio - IMPORTANT NOTE: VBR MP3 audio doesn't always play
nicely on Windows players! On the other hand, currently MEncoder's CBR
encoding is totally broken on Win32 players :)

i made some tests, and:
mencoder's cbr,abr,vbr are all playable on windows, but you have to play
with it a bit to get it work ( mplayer2 only, not wmplayer for example

but, i've found that mencoder's abr works without problems on windows,

so i think ABR mp3 is the recommended output of mencoder ( arpi agreed
btw )..

so i recommend to change a bit that text about vbr audio into something

"MP# audio- important note: vbr and cbr audio doesn't always play nicely
on windows players! if you want to create avis playable everywhere, use

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