[MPlayer-users] Re: how to rescale dvd correctly

Georgi Hristov georgi at eontechnologies.bg
Thu Sep 5 13:26:02 CEST 2002

>> mplayer  -noaspect  -vop scale=704:296,crop=704:432:10:72  file.vob
>> problem is these options produce different result with mencoder.

>You mean that: mencoder -vop scale=704:296,crop=704:432:10:72 file.vob
>doesn't produce a 704x296 movie?  That sounds crazy.

yes, that's what i meant.

>> the idea is to first cut the black bars, then scale vertically to
>> 296, while the width stays the same (704). with what you suggested :
>> mencoder file.vob -vop scale=-1:-2 -sws 2
>> the black bars stay

in part it is my mistake - it turned out that mplayer playes the output
fine, but i was only testing with win media player 6.4 and it doesn't work
there. it somehow thinks the size is 526x296 and i have no way to convince
it it is 704x296. strange thing is that vdub opens it ok. Until now win mp
6.4 has never had any problems with files i make with mencoder, though this
is my first dvd rip.
other players like bsplay work ok and with mp 6.4 i tried with both ffdshow
and divx5.0.2 decoders, so i'd  appreciate any info about the problem.

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