[MPlayer-users] Matrox G400 TV out problem

Jay Graves jay at skabber.com
Thu Sep 5 06:23:02 CEST 2002

I have a Matrox G400 Millenium Max 32 Meg card and I am having some
difficulty with the TV out.  I have read the DOCS on the subject, but
nothing seems to address the issue.

Using the matroxtv script option #2 the image on my screen jumps and
flickers (I have a 36 inch Sony Trinitron NTSC), I believe I read
somewhere this is because the matroxtv script is for PAL TV's, if this
is true, is there and NTSC version somewhere?

I have also tried using a script I got from the freevo project (the
script is attached) using this script when I put the my console in fb mode the image on the tc does not fit properly.  It is overscanned to much vertically and only takes up about 2/3 of the screen horizontally.

Can I get any pointers to what I am doing wrong.


My system
Debian Linux (unstable)
Kerenl 2.4.19
XFree 4.1.0
Mplayer CVS from about 2 hours ago 9/5/02

Module                  Size  Used by    Tainted: PF 
mga_vid                 8472   0
vmnet                  17952   7
vmmon                  18452   0 (unused)
parport_pc             12132   0 (unused)
parport                14176   0 [parport_pc]
matroxfb_maven          9148   0 (unused)
matroxfb_crtc2          6804   0
matroxfb_Ti3026          336   0 (unused)
i2c-matroxfb            3188   0 (unused)
i2c-algo-bit            7144   3 [i2c-matroxfb]
i2c-core               12900   0 [matroxfb_maven i2c-algo-bit]
matroxfb_base          17028  64 [matroxfb_crtc2 i2c-matroxfb]
matroxfb_DAC1064        6452   0 [matroxfb_crtc2 matroxfb_base]
g450_pll                3456   0 [matroxfb_DAC1064]
matroxfb_accel          7464   0 [matroxfb_base matroxfb_DAC1064]
matroxfb_misc          14572   0 [matroxfb_maven matroxfb_crtc2
i2c-matroxfb mat
roxfb_base matroxfb_DAC1064 g450_pll matroxfb_accel]
fbcon-cfb24             4328   0 [matroxfb_accel]
fbcon-cfb16             4040   0 [matroxfb_crtc2 matroxfb_accel]
fbcon-cfb8              3432   0 [matroxfb_accel]
fbcon-cfb32             3784   0 [matroxfb_crtc2 matroxfb_accel]
emu10k1                51560   0
tulip                  37728   2


Jay Graves 
jay at skabber.com

          `=( '

my gpg key is available at http://jay.skabber.com/JayGraves.key
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