[MPlayer-users] BUG debian building

LucaB lbonco at tin.it
Wed Sep 4 02:02:01 CEST 2002

Il Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 01:23:02AM +0200, Diego Biurrun ha scritto:
>[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
>LucaB writes:
> > Il Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 12:25:02AM +0200, Diego Biurrun ha scritto:
> > > > i.e. adding DESTDIR=$(prefix)
> > >
> > >Hmm, why exactly is it necessary to add this?
> > 
> > I did it cause otherwise building the deb mplayer, gmpalyer and mencoder
> > would be installed i /usr/bin and not in debian/mplayer/usr/bin/
>Of course, my question was where the DESTDIR is defined.  It was not
>really clear, I probably should do some more reading, pointers
>appreciated.  I have fixed it in CVS now by adding BINDIR.

I think that the problem is in main/config.mak,

prefix = $(DESTDIR)/usr
BINDIR = $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin

infact you specify prefix but bindir does not use it but only DESTDIR. I
hope this can help you


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