on (un-)supported data formats (WAS: Re: [MPlayer-users] Quicktime help)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Mon Sep 2 15:16:01 CEST 2002


> > > machine archs should be stated explicitly in error messages and in
> > > codecs.conf (not only in the comments, which isn't even done in the
> > > "AUDIO CODECS" part).
> > 
> > ???
> > if it prints "enable it at compile time!" it means the codec is supported,
> > but the support was not enabled/detected by ./conigure (requires external
> > dlls, libs etc to be installed).
> By "codec is supported", you mean(?) that you have written all the glue C
> code you could to make it available in mplayer (good work!  I appreciate

"codec is supported" it is supported on my computer, using linux on x86.
it may not be working on extreme configurations like linux-ppc, dec-alpha
irix etc etc, but they will work at leats on linux and freebsd on x86.

if "codec is supported", then there is either native implementation of teh
codec in mplayer source tree, available as native lib (libavcodce, libvorbis
libmad etc), uses win32 DLLs, uses realplayer plugins, uses xanim plugins
etc. some of them may not be available for your platform, it's actually your
problem... but on the primary platform of mplayer (linux/x86) it's supported.

> sees "enable it at compile time!", she'll think that's possible and try
> hard to do it.  But since it wasn't possible in the first place (she

yes, so then go and suggest a better message to be printed.
i was lazy writting that and it's still better than nothing.

but don't as me to add big bloat of code to guess if the given codec is
available for the user's platform... it's nonsense.
he should read teh docs and read if its available or not.

> So you are tempted to remove the hint message, because it disturbs me?
> Wrong move, IMHO. 
agree. patches welcomed. i'm busy with much more important things than a
fuckin message which disturbs you...

i don't think that there are so many ppc users here
especially as no real altivec etc support in mplayer so it'll be slow as
hell on ppc

mplayer's primary target is still linux/x86
if ppl port it to ppc, it's their problem.
we cannot support ppc etc as we don't own such hw and we have no interest

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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