[MPlayer-users] aspect trouble encoding DVD and interesting bug with scaling

Pierric Descamps pierric at descamps.net
Sun Sep 1 17:27:01 CEST 2002


> have you even bothered to RTFM??? "-vop scale=640:480"

With all due respect, have you even bothered to read my message until the end? 
This feature actually scales the picture, but then I get this strange bug:
(sorry for the bad formatting, if possible read the original message)

> > I thought it should be okay, then, to mention the scaling on the
> command line. 
> > So I tried mencoder -scale -zoom -aspect=16:9 and mencoder
> -scale=1024:576. 
> > Both work, but I get some white dots on the right of the picture,
> which are 
> > NOT REALLY in the picture, but "over it". If I move the window, the
> dots stay 
> > where they are, and if I move the window far enough, they disappear,
> like the 
> > window moves out of under them (I hope this is somehow
> understandable.....). 
> > 
> > One would say: then it's not the movie, it' some driver bug. Probably,
> but it 
> > only happens with the movies I encode in the described way. All others
> work 
> > fine as they always did!
> > 
> > I'm clueless and I hope someone will be able to help me. Otherwise
> I'll have 
> > to encode and re-encode every DVD in order to get it to the right
> format 
> > (although -aspect while playing also does it, but I like to have "real
> good 
> > encoded" movies)

See you,

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