[MPlayer-users] Bad performance playing DVD with dxr3

Jean-Marc Saffroy saffroy at wanadoo.fr
Sun Sep 1 06:35:03 CEST 2002


I have performance problems when playing a DVD with MPlayer 0.90pre6: if I
use -vo dxr3 with -ao oss or -ao null, the player uses a lot of CPU, and
the playback is not smooth (frames are dropped); but there's no problem if
I use -vo dxr3 with -nosound, or -vo null with -ao oss.

About my system: PII 350, Matrox G200, Hollywood+, Debian Woody, XFree
4.1.0, kernel 2.4.19, driver em8300 0.12.0, gcc 2.95.4. I have attached a
sample output of mplayer -vo dxr3 -ao null to this mail.

It that a know problem? Any idea or suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Jean-Marc Saffroy - saffroy at wanadoo.fr
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