[MPlayer-users] 2-pass HQ encoding with libavcodec

Sasi Peter sape at iq.rulez.org
Fri Mar 29 12:04:02 CET 2002

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002, Louis Tsui wrote:

> > anyway it seems that 2-pass doesn't help so much, it's very good even at
> > 1-pass encoding, just set vratetol to something bigger, good value was 40000
> > for me.

Then I think the secont pass should use more info from the first pass to 
optimize the bitrate distribution across the film. A friend of mine 
just did a comparision between 1 and 2 pass encoding, and the difference 
in action scenes was really amazing. It might also be the case, that the 
film you are testing with is quite a static one.
He used Episode one, and the race did make a real difference: 1 pass did 
not have enough bitrate left for a long action secne like that while 2 
pass encoding had the spares to make the previous blockiness go away from 
that part.

Hope this did help in improving the Best player on Earth (R) :)


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