[MPlayer-users] Problems with DivX playing

Andrej Trobentar andrej.trobentar at rikom.si
Thu Mar 28 13:22:02 CET 2002

gabor wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Mar 2002 23:44:43 +0100
> Andrej Trobentar <andrej.trobentar at rikom.si> wrote:
>>Detected video codec: [divx] drv:2 prio:0 (DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3))
>>Support for win32 codecs disabled, or unavailable on non-x86 platforms!
>>FATAL: Couldn't initialize video codec :(
> it's here :-)
> he identified the required video codec but couldn't find it...
> because you disabled it when compiling mplayer ( i think you simple didn't install the win32 codecs... 


Thanks for your answer. I have compiled Mplayer as it says in the 
instalation file -> ./configure, make, make install. If I would use 
"./configure --disable-win32" the codec would be disabled or am I wrong?

Anyway I will try to read the documentation again.

Thanks for your help,


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