[MPlayer-users] problems with DivX5

Jean-Louis Debert JLD at rsd-intl.com
Wed Mar 27 16:58:01 CET 2002

> I tried the "offizial" DivX5-movie from the divx-showcase:
> http://download.divx.com/showcase/xXx_DivX.avi
> (10MB, trailer for an upcoming blockbuster)
> The movie itself contains masses of "artefacts" and dissorted
> pixels. Older divX-movies just play fine.
> The mplayerhq-webpage states that DivX5 is also supported "using the
> well-known libavcodec". In facts its not well-known to me. Could this
> solve my problem and where can I get it ?

I don't quite get it here: I downloaded the clip at the URL above,
and (apart from libavcodec) it plays perfectly with DIVX4 here
in windows environment (codec version 4.12).
So, yes, mplayer plays it fine with libavcodec (and possibly also with
divx4linux) but if THIS is divx 5, where is the difference with divx 4 ???

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