[MPlayer-users] bg-color in fullscreenmode

pilsl at goldfisch.at pilsl at goldfisch.at
Wed Mar 27 12:43:02 CET 2002

I pray that this is not a faq again, but I really searched the manpage
and the faq and the manual for it.

when playing a movie in fullscreen-mode I hope to see what it described in
the manpage:
 "fullscreen playing (centers movie, and makes black bands around it)"

however the bands around it are blue instead of black which lower the
cinema-feeling (that isnt best on my laptop anyway).

First I thought this is because my desktop has a blue background too
(but I didnt use the rootwin-flag anyway). So I changed the background
of my desktop to black but it didnt help. The I tried the different
fsmodes like described in the manpage but it didnt help either.


ps: if I get a RTFM again I promise to not bother you again and give
myself a break for at least 3 days to reinitialize my brain and eyes
... :)

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