[MPlayer-users] A-V sync, bad subtitles etc. in 20020326 version

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcinj at netbox.pl
Wed Mar 27 08:40:01 CET 2002


  Once in few days I synchronize my home copy of MPlayer with CVS version.
Last time was yesterday ;) I notified few bad things:

1. A-V sync correction (+/-) and subtitles correction (z/x) didn't work - I
always get "0ms" message on screen.

2. subtitles is getting worse and worse during development - problem with
refreshing in fullscreen SDL mode - also in 20020320 (I have 0311, 0320 and
0326 versions at home). It looks like few texts on the same place.

3. there is no point 3.

Marcin '(Szczepan|Hrw)' Juszkiewicz 

                  Nie lubię man bash. Jest długi i nudny.
                  		-- Wojciech Moczydłowski, Jr

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