[MPlayer-users] [Bug Report] typo error in configure script

Jean-Louis Debert JLD at rsd-intl.com
Wed Mar 27 08:21:01 CET 2002


there is a typo error at line 2262 in configure script in main directory
(this is as distributed in CVS snapshot of today).
This line reads
    _def_ossaudio_devdsp='#define PATH_DEV_DSP "/dev/sound/dspW"'

so that when you use --enable-linux-devfs, you end up with a wrong device

Sorry for not giving you a diff, I am typing this at work on a Windows
and I don't have a windows diff (and I'm afraid that the mailer would play
with the diff formatting too :-)) but it should be easy enough to find
and correct.

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