[MPlayer-users] problems with DivX5

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Wed Mar 27 00:24:49 CET 2002

> http://download.divx.com/showcase/xXx_DivX.avi


i tried it too, first i did not have the new divx5, only divx4, and it can
play it too, but not very good.(you can see squares and etc...

and then i tried -vfm 5 (it uses ffmpeg's libavcodec, you can find it on
ffmpeg.sf.net), after i installed divx5, mplayer can play this file in
good quality!

ps.: the libavcodec is in docs, so i can say here rtfm; and use cvs
version of ffmpeg(after you downloaded it: cp -r ffmpeg/libavcodec/*
<mplayer_dir>/libavcodc; and then reconfigure and make mplayer, it should

best regards

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