[MPlayer-users] Vobsub without .ifo? (was: Re: ugly subtiles)

陆 然 hephooey at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 26 05:45:01 CET 2002

>VobSub: Can't open IFO file: No such file or directory
>vobsub: ignoring size: 720x576
>vobsub: ignoring org: 0, 0
>vobsub: ignoring scale: 100%, 100%
>vobsub: ignoring alpha: 100%
>vobsub: ignoring smooth: OFF
>vobsub: ignoring fadein/out: 50, 50
>vobsub: ignoring align: OFF at LEFT TOP
>vobsub: ignoring time offset: 0
>vobsub: ignoring palette: ed450d, df8f1e, ecc014, ecf90c, 95cb24,
>53a42f, 0de50e, 0db5ed, 0f00ef, 570f5f, c62968, ebebeb, aaaaaa, 
>535353, 101010
>vobsub: ignoring custom colors: OFF, tridx: 0000, colors: 6a556f,
>000000, f78e6a, 000038
see all the infomation about size, alpha, palette, and colors have been 
ignored by mplayer, so these things must be read from .ifo. so you cannot 
go without .ifo now.

best regards,


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